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Give Yourself a Reason to Smile This Summer with Dental Implants

June 20, 2024

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Two older women smiling on a balcony.

There’s something to be said about the slow pace of summer.  The days are longer, the traffic is lighter, and everywhere you go people just seem happier. Summer is the perfect time to take a vacation, relax by the pool, and to finally take control of your oral health and get dental implants! If you’ve been thinking about dental implants but have been waiting for the right opportunity, here’s why your time has come.


Go for A Cosmetic Summer Spa Day – At Your Dentist’s

June 11, 2024

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Woman smiling and looking relaxed as she reclines in chair

If you’ve been wanting to add some sparkle to your smile with cosmetic dentistry, summer’s a great time to get started. Picture it: you, relaxing outside in the soft grass with a warm breeze, enjoying the world with renewed, fresh teeth.

“What exactly about visiting the dentist is relaxing? I don’t want to interrupt my summer with a tedious appointment!”

That’s the beauty of it – you won’t. Keep reading to find out how some popular dental cosmetic treatments can enhance your smile and your summer.


What’s the Lifespan of Dental Crowns?

May 3, 2024

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child at dentist to get dental crown

Do you have a damaged pearly white? Dental crowns are crucial for safeguarding damaged teeth and enhancing their appearance. Their durability depends on factors like the material used, oral hygiene, and overall dental health. Proper brushing and flossing are essential for maintaining crown longevity. Let’s explore the average lifespan of dental crowns, common causes of failure, and effective strategies to ensure they remain durable.


3 Types of Tooth Stains and How to Remove Them 

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person checking their teeth in a mirror

Everyone is unique, from our eyes to our ears and even our smiles. While our teeth’s uniqueness makes us special, it doesn’t mean you have to accept a smile you’re not happy with. Stained teeth can affect confidence and make smiling uncomfortable in social settings. If you are wondering what causes dental discoloration, continue reading to explore the three types of tooth stains and how cosmetic dentistry can help remove them.


3 Things You Should Know About Oral Cancer

April 4, 2024

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patient at dental appointment being screened for oral cancer

Do you have oral health problems on your mind? Although cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues may not seem urgent to some, it’s important to stay vigilant because they could lead to serious conditions if ignored. Oral cancer, especially, requires careful consideration as it can be life-threatening. Keep reading to learn three essential facts about oral cancer and safeguard your smile.


5 Reasons to Show Thanks to Your Dental Hygienist

April 3, 2024

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dental hygienist helping patient

Every year, during the second week of April, National Dental Hygienist Week offers us a moment to recognize and honor the invaluable contributions of dental hygienists. Beyond their role in teeth cleaning, these professionals are pivotal in maintaining the health and brightness of our smiles during dental appointments. Often, their efforts extend far beyond what meets the eye, so keep reading as we delve into five compelling reasons why expressing appreciation for their work is so important.


Myths about Dental Care that You Shouldn’t Believe

March 27, 2024

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Patient talking to a dentist

Dentistry is an essential component of healthcare, yet it’s a field shrouded in myths and misconceptions. These myths can lead to poor dental hygiene practices, delayed treatments, and unfounded fears. In the interest of providing clarity and promoting better oral health, here are some common myths about dentistry that you would do better to disregard entirely.


Will My Veneers Make My Teeth Sensitive?

March 7, 2024

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Veneers are one of the most popular methods of improving your smile, affording patients the ability to address just about any issue that you could have with your smile. Whether you’re concerned about their color, their shape, or even some cosmetic damage to your teeth, veneers can deal with all of them in as little as two appointments.

However, as you might know, veneers also require you to remove a small portion of your enamel. This leads some patients to be concerned about the prospect of developing sensitivity from their restoration. If that’s a concern for you, here’s what you should know.


Preparing the Canvas: Why Oral Health Matters in Cosmetic Dentistry

February 23, 2024

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Patient smiling after cosmetic dentistry treatment

Enhancing your smile with cosmetic dentistry is an exciting opportunity, but achieving the desired results requires more than cosmetic procedures! Before diving into treatments like teeth whitening, veneers, or dental implants, it’s important to ensure your oral health is in tip-top shape. If you want to learn why you need good oral health for great cosmetic dentistry, continue reading.


Understanding the Toolkit: Why do Dentists Take Dental X-Rays?

February 9, 2024

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Dentist looking at dental x-rays

Have you ever looked at the strange black and white images of your teeth your dentist makes? These are dental X-rays, and they are one of the most important tools your dentist uses to treat your mouth. But what makes them so vital to the treatment process? Continue reading to learn more about X-rays and how your dentist relies on them to get the full picture.

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