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Upper Arlington Dentist – Signs That You May Need a Root Canal

December 12, 2017

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man holding jaw in painYou’ve made up your mind that the upcoming year will be one where you pay more attention to your oral health. This year hasn’t been the best for you in that department, so you’ve got some issues you need to address. One in particular is a tooth that has severe pain when your bite into hot or cold food. The sensation seems to permeate your whole body when it happens, stopping you in your tracks until it lessens. Your Upper Arlington dentist says that this may a sign that you need a root canal. Read further to learn what symptoms to look for and the options available to you.


A Dentist in Upper Arlington Talks About Oral Health in 2018!

December 2, 2017

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Woman with beautiful smile and 2018 New Year's glassesHave you been thinking about which resolution you’d like to make in 2018? Why not start with taking better care of your teeth and gums! Oral health is often one of the last priorities on people’s lists, but the benefits of a healthy mouth are countless. Not only does taking care of your teeth mean you spend less time and money in the dental chair, but it also keeps your entire body healthier and increases your self-confidence. If you’re on board for a healthier smile in 2018 and want some ideas on how to make your resolution a success, a dentist in upper Arlington discusses more.


Hey Dentist, Which Toothpaste Is Best for Me?

November 23, 2017

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three tubes of toothpasteWhen you start to run low on toothpaste at home, do you head to the grocery store and pick up the least expensive paste on the shelf? Or do you have a favorite brand that you gravitate toward? Or maybe you just pick a random toothpaste because you don’t really know which product is best for your teeth. It can be a tad confusing to sort through all the propaganda about toothpaste and settle on one that is the best for your oral health. Fortunately, your dentist in Upper Arlington is eager to help you find the paste that is perfect for your pearly whites.


Get the Answers to Your Questions about Dental Implants in Upper Arlington

November 18, 2017

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Model of dental implantDental implants have quickly become the preferred solution to treat tooth loss because they are the only option to replace both the root and the crown. Now, more than 500,000 are placed each year because they offer over a 95% success rate while closely looking and functioning naturally. However, the process to receive dental implants in Upper Arlington is a bit more complex than traditional options, like dentures. As a result, you are sure to have plenty of questions. To give you peace of mind to head into your treatment with confidence, we have the answers that you need.

Want Healthier Gums? Your Dentist Recommends These Foods!

October 25, 2017

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eating an appleYou might focus a lot on taking care of your teeth. After all, those pearly whites are part of what make you the beautiful, healthy person that you are. However, you shouldn’t focus just on your teeth. Your gums are important too! The pink tissue that holds your teeth in place plays a pivotal role in how your smile looks and your oral and overall health. How can you take better care of your gums? Your dentist in Upper Arlington recommends that you eat more of these foods:


Your Dentist Helps You Understand Your Insurance

October 22, 2017

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dental care signDental care is important for your oral health and your overall health, but some procedures cost a significant amount of money. Even preventive care, such as cleanings and checkups, may take quite a bit out of your budget over time. That’s why many people choose to pay for dental insurance; others are fortunate enough to have a policy through their employer. Whether you have insurance or are thinking about purchasing it, it’s important that you understand how coverage works. Your dentist in Upper Arlington is here to explain some of the basics of dental insurance.


Dentist Tells You How to Get the Most out of Your Dental Benefits

September 8, 2017

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dental benefits claim formWhen you first started working at your current job, you might have been excited because your employer offers dental benefits. Who doesn’t love the idea of not having to pay an arm and a leg to keep those pearly whites shining bright and healthy? However, life gets busy. Maybe you haven’t taken advantage of your benefits like you intended to. Not utilizing them is a waste of money for your employer and a missed opportunity for you. Thankfully, your dentist in Upper Arlington is here to help you get the most out of your dental benefits.


Your Dentist Provides a Tip That Can Help Prevent Bad Breath

September 3, 2017

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man brushing his tongueYou can spend hours choosing the perfect outfit, fixing your hair, and picking out awesome accessories. You want to make a good impression. However, all your hard work might fall flat if you have bad breath. No one wants to talk to the person who has unpleasant odors wafting from their mouth every time they say something. You might keep a supply of mints in your pocket, but there is so much more you can do to make sure you don’t alienate others with stinky breath. Your dentist in Upper Arlington is here to share a trick that will help keep you fresh all the time. All you have to do is clean our tongue.


Dental Emergency? Your Emergency Dentist Explains What to Do

August 26, 2017

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woman with toothacheLife can throw all sorts of curveballs at you. Whether it’s a traffic jam that makes you late for your big presentation or a wardrobe malfunction that ruins your day, the unexpected can easily pop up and put a damper on your smile. But it isn’t just minor everyday disasters that can make you stop smiling — so can a dental emergency. What should you do when a dental disaster strikes? Your emergency dentist in Upper Arlington is here to help.


Experience Luxury Dentistry in our Dental Spa

July 28, 2017

Relaxing dental spa amenities When you think about your last appointment in a dental office…does the term “spa-like” come to mind? Probably not. At Artistry Smile Center, we’ve invested extra time and training to make your dental appointments stress and pain free. We use the OraSpa and RestoraSpa systems to make visiting our Columbus dentistry practice feel just a like a relaxing day at the spa. If you’d like to find out more or schedule your first appointment at Artistry Smile Center, call our team to get started. We look forward to changing the way you think about dental care.

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