Gum Disease Therapy for Upper Arlington Residents

Gum disease is a stealthy and silent predator and the leading cause of tooth loss for U.S. adults. Why is this important? Recent research has confirmed a strong link between your dental health and overall health, and patients who have gum disease are at a higher risk for serious illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, memory loss, diabetic complications, and more.

Connection Between Your Mouth and Body

Science is now confirming what general and restorative dentists have known for years—the mouth is the portal to the body. Gum disease is an infection, and when it is allowed to invade deep into the gum tissue, bacteria can enter the blood stream. It’s this bacterium that causes health consequences and raises a patient’s risk of life-threatening disease. This makes early identification and swift gum disease therapy all the more important.

Causes of Gum Disease

There are many different causes associated with gum disease. One of the most prevalent causes is poor oral hygiene that results from neglecting dental visits. Professional hygiene from Columbus restorative dentist Dr. Courtney removes more plaque and bacteria than brushing alone. Smoking and tobacco use are significant contributors to gum disease. If you smoke or use smokeless chewing tobacco, stop now! It’s one of the most important things you can do for your dental health and overall health.

In addition, there are several factors that influence gum disease that are out of anyone’s control, including age, genetics, certain medications, and hormones.

Gum Disease and Pregnancy

Pregnant women need to pay even closer attention to their teeth and gums. Even early stage gum disease, referred to as gingivitis, can increase your risk of pregnancy complications. When left untreated, gingivitis can escalate into full-fledged gum disease which can cause premature birth and low birth weight.  Some insurance companies are allowing additional benefits for more frequent cleanings during your pregnancy.  Please contact your insurance provider to find out.

Symptoms of Gum Disease and Gum Disease Therapy

Early stage periodontal disease, gingivitis, has few noticeable symptoms. These include slight swelling, redness, or tenderness of the gums. Patients with gingivitis may experience bleeding after they brush their teeth. When you visit Dr. Courtney, expect a thorough periodontal evaluation to diagnose gum disease. If we find that you have gingivitis or periodontal disease in any form, we will recommend therapy, which may include:

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