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Your comfort is one of our top priorities and we want you to feel as though this is your dental home. Our Columbus dentistry practice offers state-of-the-art technology couple with spa amenities for a completely new experience in dentistry. This means when you visit our Columbus family dentistry practice, not only will your smile be healthy and beautiful, your dental visit may well be the most relaxing part of your day.

As your general dentist, Dr. Courtney offers all of the services you want from your trusted family dentist in Columbus. By offering comprehensive dental services, such as professional hygiene with the Oraspa technique, children’s dentistry, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Courtney makes it convenient for patients of all ages to receive the care and treatment they need. You and your family deserve smiles that look and feel fabulous.

Learn more about our most popular dental services:

Whether performing general or cosmetic procedures, Dr. Courtney always puts patient comfort and aesthetics first. Dr. Courtney designs lasting smiles, because she focuses on correcting bite issues and periodontal problems before beginning restorations or cosmetic procedures. 

Not only can Dr. Courtney improve the function and health of your smile, but can sculpt a beautiful smile that gives you confidence as well. For patients who would like to improve the appearance of their smiles, Dr. Courtney offers contemporary cosmetic dentistry enhancements performed with precision and skill. After an initial consultation where we discuss your goals and concerns, we can provide you with options, including teeth whitening, Invisalign clear braces, porcelain veneers, smile makeovers, and more.

Restorative dentistry procedures, such as dental implants, gum disease therapy, and root canal therapy, are performed with attention to detail in our Columbus dentistry practice. Dr. Courtney offers aesthetic restorations fabricated using modern dental materials for a natural look and feel. So while our team is restoring health to a compromised tooth or teeth, we’re also preserving your all-white smile.

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Upper Arlington, Dublin, and Westerville, protect your family's dental health with a visit to Artistry Smile Center. Our Columbus dentistry practice is accepting new patients and would love to see your smiles. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.