3 Things You Should Know About Oral Cancer

April 4, 2024

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patient at dental appointment being screened for oral cancer

Do you have oral health problems on your mind? Although cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues may not seem urgent to some, it’s important to stay vigilant because they could lead to serious conditions if ignored. Oral cancer, especially, requires careful consideration as it can be life-threatening. Keep reading to learn three essential facts about oral cancer and safeguard your smile.

#1: Your Lifestyle Can Raise Your Risk

While age is commonly linked to a greater risk of oral cancer, lifestyle choices also play a significant role in its development. For example, habits like smoking are strongly linked to oral cancer, with about 75% of individuals diagnosed at age 50 or older being tobacco users.

Moreover, alcohol consumption can exacerbate the risk. This is particularly true when combined with smoking, as it can amplify certain effects caused by tobacco.

#2: It Can Go Unnoticed in the Early Stages

Oral cancer is a serious threat because it’s often hard to spot in its early stages. Symptoms may not cause pain and might not show many physical changes. Even if you see white or red patches or ulcers, they might not seem serious at first.

This subtlety makes oral cancer dangerous because it’s often found late. The Oral Cancer Foundation says by the time it’s found, cancer cells might have spread to other parts of the body.

#3: Dentists Can Screen for It

You can get screened for oral cancer during your regular dental check-up, which most people have twice a year. Dentists check your mouth and neck for any signs of cancer during these visits. It’s a quick, painless, and non-invasive exam. If there are any concerns, your dentist can refer you to a specialist or doctor for more tests.

Keeping these essential facts about oral cancer in mind empowers you to take proactive steps towards better oral health. Consistently maintaining good oral hygiene is vital for your overall well-being, even without considering the risk of oral cancer. By staying informed and attending regular dental check-ups, you’re prioritizing both your smile’s health and your overall wellness.

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