Meet Our Dental Team

We are very proud of the people we present to you on this page. It seems our office has a knack for finding amazing people who are repeatably excellent at what they do, yet are also gifted at creating beautiful human connection. Any one of them is likely to leave a memorable impression on you.

Candace - Dental Hygienist

With 5 years of experience in dentistry and over 3 years at our office, Candace enjoys her role of promoting health and preventing disease through patient education and expert hygiene. Candace has an associate’s in Applied Sciences for dental hygiene, and says her favorite part of working at our practice is the intimate office atmosphere and our wonderful staff and patients. She is a certified Oraspa "Dental Spa" therapist, which incorporates a multitude of calming techniques to sooth our patients during their visits. She so loves working in dentistry that she even has a tooth-themed bathroom at home! Outside of dentistry, Candace enjoys reading, hula hooping, biking, and traveling to exciting places with her husband John. She is also especially interested in social justice issues and politics.