The Top 3 Factors That Discolor Your Teeth the Most

March 11, 2020

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Discolored smile before and after visiting Upper Arlington dentist

It takes more than regular brushing and flossing to keep your pearly whites sparkling. There are plenty of everyday factors that can cause teeth to become yellow, brown, or gray. While your Upper Arlington dentist can fix up any stains and give you a beautiful smile with cosmetic dentistry, you can prevent that discoloration from happening in the first place if you know what to avoid. Here’s how to keep your smile safe from the top three causes of tooth discoloration.

Sugary, Acidic, & Dark-Colored Drinks

If you regularly drink coffee, tea, or soda, you may notice that your smile isn’t nearly as bright as it once was. Unfortunately, these delicious beverages are often filled with sugary syrups and flavorings that fuel tooth decay and encourage the buildup of a tough, yellowish substance called tartar. Additionally, the acidic nature of these drinks means that even diet soda and black tea or coffee significantly weakens and discolors enamel.

Thankfully, there are ways you can continue to enjoy your favorite beverages as well as a clean smile. Finish your soda, tea, or coffee in a reasonable amount of time and drink plenty of water afterward to protect your teeth.

Chewing & Smoking Tobacco Products

The tar and nicotine contained in tobacco products easily sticks to your teeth. While these particles can be removed, they’ll leave behind dark, stubborn stains deep in your enamel, giving your smile a prominent yellow or brown hue. Additionally, smoking or chewing tobacco drastically increases your risk of gum disease, tooth loss, and oral cancer.

There are several intensive treatments that can help reverse the discoloration, but any other oral health issues will need to be dealt with first. While it is by no means easy, the best thing for your smile and your overall wellbeing is to quit using tobacco products.

Trauma, Fluorosis, or Tetracycline in Childhood

Certain childhood events can have a permanent effect on the color of your teeth, like:

  • Dental trauma from a fall, impact, or sport that caused internal bleeding.
  • Fluorosis, which occurs when developing teeth are exposed to too much fluoride.
  • Tetracycline antibiotics can severely stain a child’s teeth if taken before the age of eight.

Understanding these factors can help you protect your child’s pearly whites as they grow, while a cosmetic treatment may be able to revitalize your own.  

It takes a combination of great oral hygiene and avoiding the top causes of tooth discoloration to keep your smile shining bright. Remembering to avoid these causes of discoloration can help your teeth retain their naturally beautiful white hue.

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