The Enemy of All Dentists: What You Don’t Know About Plaque

November 25, 2023

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Picture of a plaque-covered smile

Dentists have a lot of information at their disposal; it’s part of what makes them so good at their jobs. However, when it comes time to communicate about oral health with the average person, that can sometimes cause problems. It can be a little bit difficult to gauge what most people know and what they don’t.

For example, plaque is something that comes up often when dentists advise their patients.  While most people are aware that it isn’t a good thing, it often goes unsaid exactly what it actually is.

In an effort to make dental communication easier, here’s what you should know about what plaque actually is, why it’s a problem, and what you can do to keep it at bay.

What Is Plaque?

As you might know, plaque is a thin film that can form on the teeth. If it’s been a minute since you last brushed, you may notice your teeth feel “rough” when you run your tongue across them. In some cases, you may even be able to see a little bit of white or yellow gunk on your smile. That’s plaque.

To be more specific, plaque is an accumulation of bacteria on the teeth. As these bacteria grow, they create something called a “biofilm” that makes it resistant to antimicrobials. Both gum disease and tooth decay are a product of these bacterial colonies.

How to Prevent Plaque Buildup

Odds are, even if you didn’t know exactly what plaque was, you probably had some idea of how to prevent it. Still, it’s a good idea to review exactly what steps you should take to keep your oral health in good condition.

The most important thing is thorough dental hygiene. Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash break down biofilm and kill bacteria. In this way, maintaining a solid and consistent dental routine is critical to preventing gum disease.

However, even if you brush well, there are likely plaque deposits in your mouth that you won’t be able to reach. For that, you’ll also need to make biannual trips to your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings.

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