Straighten Your Smile with Tooth Contouring

March 10, 2016

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tooth contouringTooth contouring, also known as tooth reshaping, is a cosmetic procedure used to improve the appearance of the teeth. Your dentist is able to correct minor appearance defects of the teeth to give them a more attractive shape. In some cases, the reshaping of teeth can also be used in place of braces. As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Angela Courtney offers this simple procedure to give you a more stunning smile.

Benefits of Tooth Contouring

Tooth contouring involves removing small amounts of enamel to change the shape of the tooth. This can be used to change the length and surface of the teeth as well. Often, the reshaping procedure is used along with bonding using composite material to sculpt the teeth. Using abrasion techniques and various dental instruments, the imperfections of the teeth will be resolved for a smoothed, polished finish.

  • In addition to an improved smile, tooth reshaping is also very cost effective. It’s a form of cosmetic dentistry that will allow you to have a more beautiful smile without breaking the bank. Not to mention, the procedure is painless because only the surface of the enamel is removed. In fact, this means there’s often absolutely no discomfit during the entire procedure.
  • The reshaping of the teeth can improve the overall health of your teeth by fixing alignment issues that cause the teeth to overlap, decreasing the possibility of tooth decay. With the decreased potential of tarter and plaque accumulation, you’ll also lower your risk for gum disease.
  • In certain cases, the contouring can be used instead of braces. For minor alignment issues, the reshaping of the teeth can give the mouth a slightly straighter smile, replacing the need for braces. The reshaping cannot be used for dramatic changes to alignment.

Am I a Candidate for Tooth Reshaping?

Reshaping is best for those with minor defects to the teeth that just need small adjustments or repairs. If your tooth is slightly crooked has a small chip, or looks too pointy, then contouring is for you. However, if you have areas of untreated decay, root canals or unhealthy gums, you may not be able to use contouring to improve your smile.

Although contouring is considered to be a safe procedure, there is the risk for tooth damage, which increases when large amounts of enamel are removed. When this occurs, it not only leads to tooth sensitivity, but it increases the likeliness the tooth will eventually break. This is why you need an experienced cosmetic dentist to perform the procedure. With a highly trained dentist using the latest advancements, you’ll have a highly successful contouring experience for the best results.

Dr. Courtney is the dentist you need to handle your cosmetic procedure. As a qualified and experienced dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry, she’ll create a refreshing smile with reshaping of the teeth. With a vision of natural beauty, she’ll reshape the teeth for a naturally radiant smile. If you’re ready to give your smile a breath of fresh air, contact Dr. Courtney today.

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